Purchase Purple & Green Bows




Help increase awareness and show your support for ending Alzheimer's by displaying a beautiful bow in the days/weeks leading up to Race Day.


Regular:  Purple & lime green - $35 donation ($25 for Statham's Landing addresses)


Jumbow:  Purple, lime green & white - $100 donation


Prices includes placement on a mailbox for addresses in Warner Robins / Bonaire / Kathleen / Centerville.  (For newer neighborhoods with a central mailbox station, we'll gladly place your bow on a column, coach light, or other preference stated.) All others can pick up bows at the event during Early Packet Pickup (Apr 5) or on Race Day (Apr 6).  To order, please follow the steps below.


The 2024 deadline for ordering bows is April 3.

STATHAM'S LANDING RESIDENTS:  To order your bow(s), please send an email to run2endalz@gmail.com.

To order bow(s) for non-Statham's Landing addresses: 

1. Complete the Bow Order Form below.

2. Make payment

  • By credit cardClick here to be taken to our Bow Fundraiser page (Kathy Rowlands) on the Alzheimer's Association website.  Click the Donate button and indicate the total amount of your bow order. We'll be notified when your donation is made.

3. You're all done! Thank you for your donation and displaying your support!

Bow Order Form