Strollers are welcome, however, you must line up in the back to ensure no one is hurt during the start of the run.    


Water Stops
There will be two water stops on the 5k and three water stops on the 10.5k. Volunteers at each stop will know the mile marker and will do their best to provide a time split when possible. We ask that you please stay on the right side of the road and do not cross the road to obtain water - particularly at the stop on Statham's Way.  

Start Times
The 5k starts first because it has the most participants, so we want to get them out the gate, plus, most 5k runners will have crossed the finish line before the majority of the 10.5k runners cross the line. For the 10.5k to start first would result in a very confusing finish line, since both events would be finishing at about the same time.