Awards are presented for both the 5k & 10k as follows:

- Top three (3) Overall Winners (M/F)

- Masters and Grandmasters (40+M/F): 
 Awards for both men and women in both races:
- 5k: Top 3 Masters and Top 3 Grandmasters
- 10k: Top 3 Masters and the Top Grandmaster
- Top three (3) (M/F) in each age group
(Note: there will be no duplication of awards) 


- Guy/Gal: Award for the 1st Place Team (5k and 10k)

​- Parent/Child: Award for the 1st Place Team (5k and 10k)

- Two Guys: Award for the 1st Place Team (5k and 10k)

- Two Gals: Award for the 1st Place Team (5k and10k)

- Military: 4- person Team, one must be female (5k only)

- Challenge Teams (Business/Company and The Cause):  Award for each 1st Place Team

*You may only be on one Team, but will still be eligible for individual awards

*See the "Team Information" tab for more details  or if you want  to join or form a  team to raise funds for to fight this disease.