As much as we were hoping COVID would be gone for our April 3rd run, it will still be here so the following are some of the precautions we are taking to keep everyone safe:
General information: 
  • We strongly encourage early packet pickup on Friday at the Landing Pointe Plaza (1 – 4) or you can pickup your packet on Saturday morning starting at 7:00AM.   For Early Packet pickup: Enter the plaza from Sandy Run, turn immediately right upon entering, and look for traffic cones.  Stay in your vehicle and drive towards the purple tent.
  • We will not have same day registration, nor can events be changed on race day.
  • Spectators are not encouraged to attend at the plaza, the course is fine, but if at plaza they must practice social distancing and wear a mask.
  • Unfortunately no fun run this year.   
  • No sponsorship area to limit the crowds this year. 
  • We will stagger the start with 10 second intervals.
    • Know your estimated finish time so you can line up accordingly. 
    • Starting times will be identified/marked in the plaza parking lot; i.e. the fastest (16:00 minute or less) will be in the front and the first to start, those who expect to finish in 45 minutes or more will be at the end of the group. 
    • People who traveled together or friends/family who have been socializing together can be lined up together, assuming their estimated finish time is the same.   
    • Your time will not start until you cross the starting line, so wherever you are in line, your overall time will not be impacted.  
  • We ask you to practice social distance and wear masks while at the plaza.
  • To include at the start line (masks are required); trash cans will be available once you leave the start line.
  • Once you cross the finish line, please put your mask back on, masks will be available.  
  • Refreshments at the plaza: water, bananas and cut orange slices in sealed sandwich bags.    
5K Course:  One water stop to minimize contact, and if you can carry water, please do with our appreciation.   
10K Course:  2 water stops
Awards:  We will have awards, but will not have our typical ceremony; you will be in a large circle with the awards tent in the center so we can practice social distancing properly.  
Our April 3rd run is for YOU, our runners and walkers!  Even though we feel we are coming out of the pandemic, we are not there yet so our goal is to minimize crowds and contacts as much as possible. But we need your help and understanding.  Yes, our run will be different from the past, but it will be safe and fun....and we need some FUN!!